The orders placed on Dream Superhero will be delivered with 7 to 9 working days after the payment has been cleared. Shipment delays are usually tied to payment related issues or quality checking, therefore if you haven’t heard from us kindly check if your payment has been cleared.

Dream Superhero utilizes the services of various trusted couriers to deliver the products to your homes. We do it through DHL, FedEx, and UPS. This provides you with the privilege of being confident that the delivery will arrive on time unless there is a manufacturing setback.

Updates on order confirmation and tracking

The confirmation of the order and tracking information will be provided you via email that is generated once your payment is cleared.

Why You May Expect Shipment From Different Locations?

We operate in several countries, including the US, Europe and parts of Asia. To make it logistically possible to deliver your product in a timely manner, we may ship your item from our overseas warehouses. Please understand that no matter where the product is shipped from, it has been through our rigorous quality control process, and we stand behind our product completely. For further information regarding our shipping procedures, feel free to contact us at